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Stud Service

We will be offering stud service to approved female Golden retrievers starting in January of 2012 with a selection of 3 males to choose from. All 3 dogs will have their OFA ratings or a Prelim OFA.

The female must be a AKC reg. Golden Retriever. We do not believe in creating cross bred dogs under the guise of "designer dogs"


1. Copy of OFA HIP Certification (Only females with a rating of Fair, Good or Excellent will be bred) Prelim OFA results may be accepted at our discretion. OR Copy of PennHip with a qualify rate of 80% or above.

2. Copy of OFA Elbow Normal Certification

3. Copy of normal CERF certification

4. Copy of Negative Brucellosis test within 2 weeks of breeding

5. Copy of current Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella vaccinations.

6. Copy of a heath certificate within 2 weeks of breeding stating the female is healthy and fit to be bred.

Copy of the breeding contract and stud fee are linked to each of the dogs. Stud fees vary from $200. to $400. depending on bloodlines. Please do not ask for exceptions to medical clearances. The clearances are there to protect your dog as well as mine from communicable disease. They also protect the potential puppy buyer by offering puppies that were brought into the world by 2 healthy parents free of defect. While no one can with 100% accuracy say that a puppy resulting from 2 OFA / CERF cleared parents will also be clear of hip, elbow, or eye defect. It does up the odds considerably if both mom and dad have been found free of defect. So NO exceptions are ever made for medical clearances.

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